12-Year Old Freshman Enters Cornell University

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Cornell University welcomes their first ever 12-year old freshman this autumn. Jeremy Shuler, a 12-year old genius is officially enrolled and is going to college this school opening.

From Grand Prairie, Texas and a son of parents both aeronautics engineers, Jeremy took the SAT and Advanced Placement test in Math and Science and made a remarkable elite-level result. These figures showed that even at the age of 10 he was intellectually ready for college.

He earned his high school diploma in an online educational program from Texas Tech University Independent School District.

Cornell University is no new to the young genius as Andy Shuler, Jeremy's father took his doctorate degree on the said university. Jeremy's grandfather also has direct connections with Cornell working as a professor, The US Magazine reported.

Harrey Shuler, Jeremy's mother revealed the boy wonder's early manifestation of hid extraordinary gifts. She said that Jeremy was so much into letters and numbers as early as three months. He can recognize the whole alphabet at the age of 15 month.

Jeremy began reading on his own at the age of 21 months. The first books he read were written in his mother's native language, the Korean and English. He finished reading novels like "Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics" and "Lord of the Rings" at the very early age of five years old.

The young genius expressed his excitement although admitting that he first felt nervous on going to college wherein he will be dealing with classmates that are a lot older than him. He said that he is used to having older friends as long they have the main factor in common, they like math.

Having older classmates has become a norm to the young genius as he did not have to go through the regular process along his journey to education. His parents did not find him enjoying his peers in Kindergarten that made them decide to bring him to Math camp where he found friends with similar interests, The ABC News reported.

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