Soviet Style Education, Why Is Hillary Clinton Up For A Different Education Style?


Hillary Clinton is placed in a very crucial position having to stand for both the educators' side as well as the reformist.

If elected as the president of the United States, Clinton is expected to continue the legacy of President Barak Obama. The POTUS has been known to be strongly supported by the educators back in 2008. Things, however, changed as time went on for the President's education agenda received a strong opposition from the teachers.

The opposition even heated up when the Arne Duncan, the former education secretary resigned in response to the call from National Education Association (NEA), known as one of the largest teacher's union the United States. President Obama then chooses John King, a reformist who initiated a strong teacher accountability measure and evaluation in New York.

Now Clinton, being part of the Democratic Party who supports both the teachers and the reformists have to be very cautious in every step she takes. Her current position probably is the reason for her indistinguishable languages describing her K-12 education policies, The LA Times reported.

Providing promises of reformation in early childhood education and improvements in the whole educational system, teachers wait for the presidential candidate's concrete plans that will benefit both the educators and the schools as well.

The promises of a world class education Clinton has been saying on her campaigns made her gain various supports from the students, parents and even associations such as AFT, NEA. Now the Democratic Party candidate's soviet style of education has to undergo an intensive scrutiny and balance as she has to be careful not to protect her own interest as well as her political party.

Eyes are set on Clinton though if she will be laying down more tangible and concrete education plans before the United States elections. If Clinton's soviet style education will be recognized, then the president aspirant will have to make sure that it benefits both the learners and the educators, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

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