Binghamton University Supports Controversial '#StopWhitePeople2K16' In Spite Oppositions


#StopWhitePeople2K16, a conference for Residential Assistants at the Binghamton University, New York's highest-ranking public college held on August 12 created controversy due to its title.

In such a short period of time, the conference has caught the attention of many an even raised some eyebrows. Many of those whose attentions were caught believed the title is racist. Some even believed the consultation is clearly opposing the white race and considers the meeting to be anti-white.

To prevent the controversy from creating anymore confusion to the public, the Binghamton University immediately responded to clarify the query.

Brian Rose, Vice President of Student Affairs at Binghamton University elucidated that the program is not anti-white but simply a discussion with the goal of taking the next step in understanding privilege and diversity in the society people are functioning within.

Rose explained that the conference is exploring reverse racism, community relationship and segregation in a dialogue. He further added that the #StopWhitePeople2K16 is a titular hashtag commonly and ironically used.

Urenna Nwogwugwu, Nicholas Pulako and Ciaran Slattery, residential assistants at the Binghamton University are the presenters of the consultation which is also a course offered to residential assistants in the university. They also confirmed that the course is not anti-white and that its purpose is to unveil the overview in the disabilities of higher education, The Clash Daily reported.

Another set of Residential Assistant who requested to keep their identity and were some of those who attended the conference revealed that he found the discussions completely harmless and that he did not find any idea intended to offend the whites. They stated that some of the topics discussed during the #StopWhitePeople2K16 were inclusion, effective communication and mindset as a Residential Assistant.

Apparently, Binghamton University remains mum over public's reaction to the conference title as Rose firmly believes that the title itself was no intended to offend anyone, The Binghamton Review reported.

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