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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Gameplay Trailer Reveals The Fastest Way To Earn Pokedallars; Meet The Upcoming Games' Newest Pokemon [VIDEO]


The Pokemon series has encompassed an array of mini-games over the years, but conceivably none as bizarre as the one coming in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The latest gameplay footage for the highly anticipated 3DS game unveils the quickest way players can earn Pokedollars.

An exciting "Pokemon Sun and Moon" tip has surfaced online just ahead of the game's much-awaited release, showing off an interesting way to gain Pokedollars.

The aforementioned clip was shared by the Japanese comic magazine, V Jump. The gameplay video shows how throwing Pyukumuku Pokemon characters into the ocean can garner significant amount of rewards, Siliconera reported.

The sea cucumber Pokemon has been detailed as a repulsive creature citing its unappealing appearance and lifestyle. A Pyukumuku tends to stay in one location and is likely to return to the same location provided it enjoy the said spot. The aforesaid Pokemon can also be in a really bad shape as it more often than not starves to death if its favorite location has no more food left.

In order to get the fragile Pyukumuku back in shape, the characters in the game's Alola region have invented a tradition of throwing the Pokemon back in to the ocean which is food rich. Through this method, players can effectively fend off the certain death of the sea cucumber Pokemon.

The icing on the cake? Players can earn 20,000 Pokedollars just by doing this.

In the gameplay trailer, a Pokemon trainer can be seen running around the beach looking for a Pyukumuku. The trainer manages to find a few thin bellied creatures that he throws back into the sea. Right after the collection activity, the Pokemon trainer gets rewarded with a huge amount of Pokedollars.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

In other news, The Pokemon Company recently announced a new batch of Pokemon creatures for the upcoming 3DS games, Polygon reported.

Players will soon be able to see the fighting Pokemon known as Crabrawler in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game. The creature has a super-powerful Iron Fist attack in which the berry loving creature uses its big claws to produce a series of powerful punches.

Aside from the crab-like boxer, the company also revealed ground type Pokemon Sandygast, which caqn be evolved to transform into Palossand, a Pokemon that uses a sandy vortex to strike its opponent.

But the fun doesn't end there! Stufful, a stuffed teddy bear Pokemon has also been added to the new game's Alola region.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated to hit the store shelves for the Nintendo 3DS console on November 18.

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