Digital Education Breakthrough: Bill Gates Backs US Practiced Aussie Innovation In Education


Inspark Science Network, an online interactive course has made a huge breakthrough in the digital education.

This innovation in education technology is inspiring students as it is allowing them to learn by challenging them to ask big questions.

With its state of the art interactive online technology, experts expressed their support over the course. The course was developed to help students in the completion of their general science education courses.

The Inspark Science Network creators Arizona State University and Smart Sparrow believes that general science education is a big factor affecting college completion. That is why they developed the course with the aim to have more students complete their college education.

Smart Sparrow, one of Inspark Science Network creators and a firm originally based in Australia has been receiving positive responses for the course. Bill Gates along with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation released a $4.5 million cash grant to the SmartSparrow for taking the first step in this breakthrough in digital education, The Arizona State University Now reported.

As of this writing, there are about 50 United States universities and colleges using the "Habitable Worlds," Inspark Science Network's first course.

Habitable Worlds focuses on the study and finding another habitable planet should the earth fail to provide life to mankind.

Inspark Science Network is expected to grow into 100 United States universities and college users by 2017.

Dror Ben-Naim of the University of NSW in Australia was the one who lead the Ph.D. research that resulted in the development of this program that uses interactive online learning technology.

The Deakin University of Australia is now on its way to trying this Bill Gates-backed program. This year they are planning to introduce the Habitable Worlds followed by their 2017 use of the "BioBeyond," a course using the big question, "Are we alone in the universe?"

Beverley Oliver, deputy vice-chancellor for education at Deakin University describes the Inspark Science Network as a leap in the digital education, The Financial Review reported.

Watch this video about Bill Gates' hope for education.

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