'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks To Hatch Eggs; The Least And Most Common Creatures That Hatch From 2Km, 5Km And 10Km Eggs!

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Niantic Labs' "Pokemon Go" has been quite a rage among avid gamers since its debut earlier this year. The hit augmented reality mobile game centers on locating, catching, training Pokemon and hatching eggs; tasks that could be quite laborious.

"Pokemon Go" features three different types of eggs i.e. the 2km egg, 5km egg and the 10km egg. It is worth noting here that the name of the egg indicate the distance that players need to walk or travel before they can actually hatch it. But this is a lot easier said than done.

Fret not! There are a slew of "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats and hacks that make hatching eggs a lot easier for the players.

Its no secret that the process of hatching eggs involve stepping outside into the real world and moving around until a player reaches specific kms traveled before an egg is ready to hatch. Only once the egg hatches, can a player find out what's in the egg meaning, there is a possibility that a player might get another Pidgey.

Thankfully, there are some data online that show which creature are the least and most common.

Most Common & Rarest Creatures For 2km Eggs

Weedle is the most commonly-received creature for 2km eggs, followed by Caterpie and Pidgey. Clefairy, on the other hand is the rarest. More than 1% of all 2km eggs will result in the Pokemon.

Most Common & Rarest Creatures For 5km Eggs

As far as a 5km egg is concerned, Ponyta is the most common, being present in 5% of 5km eggs. Koffing is the rarest, showing up only 0.3% of the time.

Most Common & Rarest Creatures For 10km Eggs

For 10km eggs, Eevee is the most common creature, and is present in 17% of 10km eggs.

Here's the breakdown of the egg hatching possibilities in 'Pokemon Go' (via NetherFable)

For 2km Eggs

Clefairy - 1.4%

Jigglypuff - 1.7%

Spearow- 3.3%

Geodude- 3.9%


Squirtle- 4.8%


Zubat- 8.3%

Magikarp- 8.6%

Bulbasaur- 9.8%

For 5km Eggs

Psyduck- 2.4%

Goldeen- 2.6%

Vulpix- 2.8%

Staryu- 3.0%

Krabby- 3.0%

Poliwag- 3.0%

Bellsprout- 3.3%

Growlithe- 3.5%

Meowth- 3.6%

Tentacool- 3.8%

Nidoran (Female)- 3.8%

Ekans- 3.8%

Oddish- 4.0%

Paras- 4.1%

Sandshrew- 4.1%

Nidoran (Male)-4.2%

Ponyta- 4.6%

Diglett- 1.1%

Seel- 1.3%

Mankey- 1.4%

Doduo- 1.4%

Shellder- 1.6%

Horsea- 1.6%

Exeggcute- 1.7%

Slowpoke- 1.8%

Gastly- 1.8%

For 10km Eggs

Regional- 1.9%

Hitmonchan- 2.8%

Omanyte- 3.2%

Kabuto- 3.3%

Hitmonlee- 3.3%

Dratini- 3.5%

Chansey- 3.7%

Aerodactyl- 4.2%

Lapras- 4.3%

Snorlax- 5.1%

Scyther- 6.4%

Onix- 7.0%

Jynx- 7.2%

Electabuzz- 7.4%

Pinsir- 7.6%

Magmar- 8.8%

Eevee- 17.7%

Given Below Are Some 'Pokemon Go' Cheat, Tips & Tricks To Hatch Eggs Effortlessly:

Your Dog Can Be Of Great Help

Yes, man's best friend can hatch eggs for you and here's how:

Simply attach your smartphone or device to your pet with the help of a strap or a small bag and Voila! Your 10km egg will hatch without even lifting a finger.

Its important to bear in mind that the player attaches his/her phone to the dog's body carefully to steer clear of accidents and injuries, TheBitBag reported.

Let It Spin Around In The Ceiling Fan

Attaching your smartphone to your ceiling fan is a great way to hatch eggs without leaving the comforts of your home. Apparently, the speed of the fan matches the required rapidity to hatch your "Pokemon Go" eggs. Players could attach their smartphones to the ceiling fans using a strap. It's critical to ensure that the device is arranged perfectly to avert any sort of injuries and accidents.

Use Your Vacuum To Hatch Eggs, Here's How

"Pokemon Go" players can alternatively use their vacuums to hatch eggs. Attach your device to the vacuum and walk outside your house to get your Pokemon.

These are some of the ways "Pokemon Go" players can hatch their eggs and catch Pokemon effortlessly.

Nevertheless, using cheats and hacks can get you banned from the hit location-based mobile game, besides; the whole idea behind the game is to encourage people to delve into the real world while catching these coveted creatures.

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