Can Old People Be Taught New Technology Tricks? Latest IT Survey Results Will Shock You! [VIDEO]


New survey reveals that older people can be taught new technology tricks. What is more shocking is the conclusion stating that the older users are better at technology than the young ones.

In a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Mori and Dropbox, older subjects were asked to answer some queries about technology tricks and how to use them. The results yielded back shocking realizations in the part of the IT industry agencies or even the younger tech users. The thought that older individuals cannot be taught new tech tricks is after all a hasty conclusion, if not a down-rate stereotype.

The Ipsos Mori and Dropbox are two popular London-based market research firm. Adjunct to their recent survey is the need to know about the conditions of the 4,000 workers in U.S. and U.K. Obviously that would also include the conditions in the workplace facing new-age technology.

Warming up the survey's results is the collected fact generalizing that workers aged 55-above use at least 4.9 types of technology per week. Ultimately, these subjects commented that they did not find using technology in the workplace stressful.

In contrary, the young users aged 18-above, who are the expected allies of new-age technology tricks, rather commented to be stressed by using technology in the workplace. The results absolutely entail enormous attention not just form the IT industry, but in all industries as well, CIO reported

A similar study conducted by Pew Research Centers also rips open the stone-hard accusations that old people can't be taught new technology tricks. Thus, although the older people lag behind the younger generation in terms of adapting, undeniable feats however shows that the older user's regard to technology is getting deeper and wiser by the moment, PewInternet stated.

Studies like these are sure to challenge the very foundations of the stereotypes of the working industries in the world. Perhaps, with these issues addressed, older workers would be given much regard in the workplace, especially with technology use, and be graced to choose equitable labors before being easily let go or forced to retire, another CIO news reported.

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