Survey Reveals 90% Of The Students Who Train Under York YMCA Swimming Are Scholars: Future’s Secured At YMCA? [VIDEO]


90% of the students who train under York YMCA Swimming program are certified scholars. The program, in turn, builds up even farther from its recent achievements, ensures all scholarships are granted to student athletes and projects an even bigger vision involving a large community of athletes with secured careers in the future.

Being one of the most promising athletic programs in the US, the York YMCA for swimming reiterates the scope of its responsibilities to likewise promoting academic expansion among its athletic students. Besides regularly endorsing celebrity-like athletes to Olympic events, the program showed that it has an even bigger academic scope.

Just for this year's Olympics, Michael Brooks, a well-known swim coach can be spotted tight-eyed for the medal in Rio. Although he is no longer affiliated to York YMCA, having resigned from the team last July, he admits being a solid product of the program.

Who would also not notice Hali Flickinger, another essential student athlete of the program who is currently competing in Rio? Flickinger, by all means, is the result of York YMCA's holistic education approach, York Dispatch reported.

Now, recent surveys are seen to evidence the 90% figure of student athletes granted scholarship by the program. Meaning, 9 out every 10 students who swim with YMCA swimming team gets scholarship for college.

Eventually, the York Y had since made a name years ago. But the highlights of its achievement peaked in during 2013 and 2015 when it was named Gold Medal Club. Thus, no further doubts can ever shun the program's reputation, YDR reported.

Nonetheless, the York Y swimmers team has long been given the warm smiles by strict academics despite its often unconventional methods for pre-competition concentration among its athletes. To the littlest detail of even letting is athletes attend book clubs months before the event to keep minds sharpened is what the program fits in its slacks, Swimming World Magazine reported.

There is much the program could offer beyond scholarships, and that would be the grandest of experiences not all students can get their feet into. Ultimately, given all these feats, it would be a very near possibility that that in the next few years, the York YMCA swimming program shall have produced athletes with strong and secure careers in the future.

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