'Gotham' Season 3 Spoilers: New Poison Ivy Image Released While 'Gotham City Sirens' Is Possible [VIDEO]


Fans have seen a few changes of tone over the past 2 seasons of "Gotham." Gone was the intent of building the show into a world that is centric on the every day cop life of James Gordon, played by actor Ben McKenzie, instead fans watched the show embrace its "Batman" roots, even if the "Dark Knight" is still far from existing in their time.

While the tone of the show has changed, the shift did not just stop there. With the idea of having a much young cast portraying the iconic characters of Gotham City, it is only natural that the child actors and actresses grow and into their roles. The case is different with one character.

Season 3 of "Gotham" will be reintroducing the character of "Poison Ivy." Actress Claire Foley will be replaced by Maggie Geha, and the character of Ivy "Pamela" Pepper will be portrayed as a young woman. The jump in age will be tied-in to the storyline by Ivy having an encounter with one of the monsters from "Indian Hill." Gone is the feeble girl, and in its place, will be a young woman with total control over her powers.

In a report by Cinema Blend, the series could be looking to find an ideal scenario with regards to the filming regulations for younger performers. Having a 14-year old actress on set will not be able to keep the same work hours as an 18-year old performer, and having Ivy Pepper bumped up to regular status might have motivated the crew to seek an older actress to make filming a bit more simple. Clare Foley's depiction of Ivy has always done great at finding the right amount unnerving with innocence as her future role will be problematic for Bruce Wayne once he become the famous detective known as Batman. Fans are hoping that Geha will be a good fit for "Gotham" as Foley was. 

According to IB Times, executive producer Danny Cannon has shared several promotional images that allude to the inclusion of prototype forms of the "The Sirens" which is comprised of female criminals like Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn. 

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