'Supergirl' News & Spoilers: The Truth Behind The Move To The CW And How Kara Fits In To The Arrow-verse [VIDEO]


The new seasons of The CW's DC TV universe is almost here, making fans extremely interested and exicited for them even more. The upcoming seasons will greet fans with new storylines, characters and villains, albeit some are not new to fans, but new to The CW Network.

Having a single universe in The CW DC TV shows has given fans a lot of incredible episodes. The crossover episodes have shown that these characters co-existing in a single environment has done so well in furthering the story of each show, and the development of the characters within the universe.

Now that Supergirl is finally on the same network as with the other Kreisberg-Berlanti children, the big question is how will the introduce Supergirl to the entire Arrow-verse? Fans can only hope that the introduction to of Supergirl to the current continuity will be as organic as possible, but having already established that Supergirl is from a different Earth in a crossover episode from the last seasons of The Flash and Supergirl, they must have another element that can bring the two Earths together.

Well it seems like they already have a solution to this conundrum, and according to Cinema Blend, the solution is in the form of Barry Allen a.k.a "The Flash." With the recent start of productions for the CW shows, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, and in a report by Bleeding Cool, a major plot device that they could use is the upcoming "Flashpoint" arc from "The Flash." Barry's act of saving his parents by altering the past could very much be the reason why the dimensions between the Arrow-verse and Supergirl will be bridged. Barry has traveled back in time in numerous occasions, but his last time exploit proves to be the most drastic one, and the ripple effect that it could have could also affect the narrative of the other shows.

Meanwhile, CBS president Glenn Geller confirmed some things about Supergirl's move to the CW. While the transition between networks was no suprise to fans, rumors pointed out that it was due to the programs dwindling ratings, but Geller stated that it was quite to the contrary.

In the recent Television Critics Association  summer tour, Geller clarified that Supergirl moving to The CW was always planned, and had The CW not decided to get Supergirl, CBS always had planned to renew the show for another season.

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