'Jessica Jones' Season 2 News & Spoilers: Showrunners Hint Multiple Villains and Jessica-Trish Dynamic[VIDEO]

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Netflix's "Jessica Jones" Season 2 will have more villains to appear. Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg teased there will be more than one bad guys in the upcoming season.

"No one is ever going to beat David Tennant as Kilgrave, so you don't do that. The biggest mistake would be to try to repeat that," Rosenberg told Entertainment Weekly.

Aftermath teased of "Jessica Jones" EP, fans of the Netflix series are guessing who could be the characters will appear in Season 2.

Ruby Thursday a.k.a. Thursday Rubinstein, can shape-shift and fought Hellcat during the Civil War. Rosenberg mentioned that Season 2 will give bigger focus on Trish (portrayed by Rachael Taylor). Since there are episodes that will focus on Trish, there's a possibility to bring in a villain her comic book counterpart that she has has fought before, in a report by IB Times.

Speaking about Trish, some fans want to see a romantic side to Jessica and Trish. According to EP, she's glad that people are interested to see that part.

Another villain that may appear in Season 2 Jigsaw. He is a member of the Maggia and he confronted Punisher. After the confrontation, he becomes a true villain who wants revenge against Frank Castle.

Lastly is Nuke, whose real name is Frank Simpson, a villain that has been introduced already. Based on Marvel Database, he is a schizophrenic army veteran who soon became involved in a program trying to make super soldiers. He became addicted to the pills, and ends up working for anyone that hires him.

Previously, a full-length trailer of an upcoming Netflix series, "Luke Cage" was released and many fans are looking forward to this new series. This Marvel character is not new in the eyes of TV viewers as he appeared on "Jessica Jones" Season 1.

Luke Cage is portrayed by "The Good Wife" actor Mike Colter, and the full 13 episodes of "Luke Cage" will be aired on Netflix on Sept. 30.

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