'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Grant Gustin Teases Back To The Future Moment In Season 3 [VIDEO]


The third season of The CW's "The Flash" is almost here, and there have been major plot point reveals made by the showrunners and the cast. So what else is coming? It seems that as the flashpoint plot of season 3 is not a major secret, but that does not mean that the dynamic duo, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg can't suprise fans even more.

In a report by ComingSoon, situations are not going to be quite the same for the show's protagonist, Barry Allen for the season 3 of The Flash. The likelyhood of scenarios will be like the film, "Back to the Future" is highly possible. The executive producers seems to have put all things into consideration, as it has been confirmed that Barry might see himself in a weird world and he might forget about the one before time traveled to save his parents.

According to ComicBook, The Flash lead actor, Grant Gustin state that Barry Allen will be the only one that remembers the changes that were made during his time travel, and the only one aware of how different things are from before. But there will come a time when all of his memories will be replaced with that of the new timeline. Memories of graduating high school and graduating college will also be augmented, especially the memories of the time he has with his family. The realization of his memories being replaced with new ones from the changed timeline made him also realize how selfish his decision of changing the timeline in order to correct the death of his parents. All of this also means that he will also forget his abilities too. This will be so much like a "Back to the Future" moment in an event that both his hands will disappear in front of him.

The Flash comes back to The CW this fall 2016.

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