Education Technology, Is It Worth Investing On Technology As An Effective Education Tool


Education technology may have been a not so wise investment after all. This statement comes after a series of studies and researches gauging how effective Edtech can be.

As schools and universities continue to upgrade to keep up with the rapid development of technology, it is well and proper to measure how education technology is helping and is being effective on learners.

An OECD report comparing the international test results of students from different countries revealed that students from countries who had below average computer user gained the top spots while those who are so much into education technology gave results showed opposite of Tech's being effective.

Measuring the learners' reading ability from 2000 to 2012, students with most exposures to internet activities such as school work and homework displayed a visible average decline.

These series of failing results pertaining to the education technologies effectiveness, lead to a question that Intel and Microsoft-sponsored report answered.

According to the report, it is not that education technology is not effective. It even aids in accelerating a specific process. The missing factor is the "holy grail", an effective vehicle to deliver the real outcome that tech is supposed to make.

No matter how effective the education technology can be, it will still depend on how the educators will deliver it to the learners. It is not just giving them the tool, but teaching them when, where and how to effectively use it, The International Business Times reported.

The education system of today is faced with a challenge of producing competitive students as profit out of the investment. The traditional concept of programs and curriculums wherein students will just have to complete a number of attendances is now turned into a competency-based approach.

Mastery and demonstration of competence are necessary to show that education technology is truly effective and is indeed a wise investment, The Ed Surge reported.

Watch this video find out more about education technology and the challenges it has is facing.

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