New 'Pokemon GO' Cheat for iOS, iPhone: 'Choose Your Ride' while You're on Your Couch; Hack Claims You won't Get Banned


New 'Pokemon GO' Cheat for iOS, iPhone: Fake Your Ride while You're on The Couch; Hack Claims You won't Get Banned

 The previous Pokemon GO cheat that has gone viral is when a player shows how to unban the softban using a few easy steps. This time, Pokemon GO cheat gets you walk around undetected.

"Pokemon GO" for cheat jailbroken iPhone to walk around the map without even moving from your couch

A YouTube video below, posted by iCrackUriDevice, shows how to install the "Pokemon GO" cheat software inside a jailbroken iPhone. The user stresses a few times that he has tried the method and it does not get him banned. He ensures that this method is safe since there is a joystick to trick the AR game.

First of all, the user states that your iPhone has to be jailbroken to install the "Pokemon GO" hack in the device, Game n Guide wrote. Once you download and launch the game, you will notice there is a joystick appearing to help you move anywhere you want.

The hack setting includes customizing speed - which means you can actually pretend to ride a bike, a car, or just walking on foot. This method will help you to transport (not teleport like the other hacks) to another place, far away from where you are without being considered as GPS spoofing.

The user ensures players that they won't get banned by using the Pokemon GO cheat

According to the hacker, who thanked Pangu jailbreak for making his iPhone able to download the cheat, said that this hacking software is compatible with any updates that Niantic will roll out in the future.

Although this may not guarantee that Pokemon GO players will not get caught, it is worth to note that Niantic is serious about permanently banning your account in case you are catching them all using GPS spoof apps.

Since not everyone is able to walk and catch them all, the "Pokemon GO" cheat has a great advantage if you want to grow your monster collections. However, as the user said it before, you need to be willing to sacrifice your iPhone to be jailbroken for this.

Aside from the claims, let's be careful while playing Pokemon GO since Niantic is constantly fighting the bots and spoofs.

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