No 'Pokemon GO' in Iran: Authorities Ban AR Game over Security Issue; Who's Next?


Iran becomes the first country to ban the popular AR game, "Pokemon GO". According to country's Supreme Council of Virtual Spaces, there is an unspecified security concerns about the game. The officials that see the online activity, announced the Pokemon GO news to the public and they are waiting for Niantic's explanation for this issue, BBC reported.

"Pokemon GO" news: Iran authorities have issued banning over the game

It is unclear why Iran officials ban the game because there is no specific information regarding the security concerns they addressed. It could be due to trespassing concerns since "Pokemon GO" players are capable of using cheats.

As for now, Iranians have to wait for more information, whether their government would prevent them from playing the game forever, or it would only be applied for a few hours every day. Or, like PC Mag wrote, the officials might also apply Pokemon GO ban in specific areas only.

Many countries have expressed their concerns regarding the game's security system but Iran is the first one to ban Pikachu. For instance, Islamic leaders in Malaysia advice Moslems not to play "Pokemon GO" because it could lead to forbidden activity like gambling, Japan Times reported. While Indonesia has also strictly warned their police officers not to catch Pokemon monsters while on duty.

Even the US military has issued a friendly reminder for their troops, so they could be 'more sensible' while catching them all from their mobile phones. The City of Canada Bay council in Australia urged Niantic to remove the Pokestops in three areas as it has caused disturbances, Kotaku wrote.

Previously, Niantic has been seriously catching all "Pokemon GO" cheats and banning them. The cheats include GPS spoofing software by third party apps. As for now, Iran decision to ban Pokemon GO could be followed by many other countries in the future.

Which country do you think will likely to ban Pokemon GO?

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