'Pokemon GO' New Cheat Lets Players Use Hack Apps Once Again on One Condition


Niantic Lab has been working relentlessly to solve servers issue while slashing all the third-party apps used for cheating "Pokemon GO". However, a recent news about the game's hack might let players use GPS spoofing once again but with a term.

"Pokemon GO" cheat works again

Some hackers were apparently able to break down the blockages that Niantic has created. Ars Technica previously wrote technical aspects about how the hacking process works. The hack is able to replicate U6 encryption that leads to 'the creation of a new unofficial API'

Thus, bots and GPS spoofs that were blocked by Niantic can work again after the new-built API was reintegrated. MyGoBot team said that it is necessary for someone with no physical ability to go out and catch them all using bots. There can be many reasons why people can't go outside and that's what this app is for.

Will players be banned after using "Pokemon GO" cheat?

The use of any unauthorized app to play "Pokemon GO" is considered cheating. This means that Niantic could catch you using the hacking tool and permanently ban you from playing the AR game. When using bots or hacks, the system can actually detect an unusual behavior and it would become predictable.

Moreover, players that use Pokemon GO hacks might be prone to malware since such platforms can collect information inside the device. The cycle of Pokemon GO cheats and hacks could back and forth. Someone would find out how to untangle and Niantic would take it down. This will happen repeatedly.

"Pokemon GO" Sightings

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO latest updates bring Sightings and Trackers, CNET wrote. The game developer is experimenting with various features. Some of the players might find Sightings version that lists several monsters nearby.

Would you use Pokemon GO cheats and hacks using unofficial API and risk yourself to get caught?

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