This ‘Pokemon GO’ Cheat for iOS, Android is Players’ Most Favorite Tracking App to Replace The Fading PokeVision Tracker


Niantic is serious with its word - shutting down bots and GPS spoofing apps from third party but the hackers are seriously finding ways to tackle that.

As the reign of third party "Pokemon GO" tracker, PokeVision, is over, here comes another cheat app to try - the FastPokeMap.

"Pokemon GO" cheat to track Pokemon using FastPokeMap

FastPokeMap works similarly to PokeVision in finding the nearby monsters. Many users claimed that the app works like magic although it is less effective when it comes to scanning. BGR noticed the difference between both apps with FastPokeMap having more limited features when it comes to searching for creatures.

With PokeVision, players were able to narrow search down to specific monster but with FastPokeMap, they can't. And it only reveals monsters within walking distance.

FastPokeMap sometimes down but the cheat works

Many of Pokemon GO players took Twitter complaining about the instability of this app, too. Apart from that, FastPokeMap does run and that's all they've ever wanted - a Pokemon GO cheat that replaces the old one, and works.

"Pokemon GO" players found the cheat really helpful

While some players are cautious in using hacks and cheats for Pokemon GO, the rest are happily enjoying the benefits of this tracking app. The official FastPokeMap captured the view of its users in Australia where 200 players were tracking Pokemon with the app.

Many users encourage others to use FastPokeMap while it's still working

Niantic could track the unusual behavior when players are using third party app like Pokemon tracker. This might result in soft ban and Niantic suspending your account. However, this current cheat is helpful enough to help you find Pokemon nearby, at least for now.

What other "Pokemon GO" cheat that you know is working and how do you find the third-party app in helping you so far?

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