Importance of Sleep in College: Factors Keeping Students From Having Enough Rest

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College sleep may seem to be a heavy weight compared to the other stuff that students face during their college days, but it has a very significant role in one's physical health.

College students of today consider sleep as one having a vital role in their academic performance for enough sleep means better concentration and faster data processing for the brain. However, the knowledge often remains in their mind alone and would always lack execution as when things begin to happen in their schedules, sleep is always the first one to be sacrificed.

Chegg, a higher education company that specializes in the study of college life so as to be able to provide students the knowledge and even assistance that they need, conducted a survey of 473 students from both private and public schools focusing on the sleeping habits of present-day collegiate.

The survey cited some major factors commonly contributing to a college student's lack of sleep.

School projects and deadlines are one of the most common answers that a student will give once asked why they lack sleep. However, there is more behind their sleep deprivation than just the pressures of school tasks.

College students of today have more time browsing online than exploring the art of rest. The connection does not stop that even some students would bring their devices on their bed so as to be always updated, The Huffington Post reported.

So what can students do to get the rest that they need?

If it is impossible to have a complete rest at night, then a 20-30 minute power nap between classes would be a big help to keep the body going for a few hours more.

Make sure that sleep can really make you rest. Sleeping in an unrelaxed place makes the body feel worse than not sleeping at all.

Setting a specific amount of time spent online can be a tough challenge to some but consistency, frequent exercise, and self-discipline will make the hard things easier, The College Life reported.

Watch this video for interesting sleeping tips.

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