Choosing A Major: Bachelor's Degrees That Are In-Demand Right Now


There are some students who already know what to take up as they prepare to go to college. Some, however, still need to look within themselves in choosing a major.

Oftentimes, though, choosing a major in college is a financial decision according to U.S. News. Deciding a highly-employable degree to take is one way to make sure that your investment on your education would see a return more quickly. Recently, it was discovered that students aim to get a "know before you go" understanding of labor market performance for a specific degree.

"It's become more critical for them to look at this data when making a decision because of the cost of education and the possibility of student debt," Jeff Strohl, director of research at Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, said. "There's nothing wrong with going into art, just realize what it gets you."

One student, 22-year-old Cam Smith of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, admitted that he carefully studied his employment prospects when he selected a double major. He described it as "a calculated process." The Georgetown grad took up a marketing major with operations and information management.

He revealed that he picked operations and information management since it was more "forward-looking" than a traditional business management major. Smith was able to find a full-time marketing job right after college.

A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed the most sought-after bachelor's degrees. The study was on projected employment for recent college graduates. Here are the top 10 majors that are in-demand right now. Beside the degrees are the percentage of employers planning to hire graduates from these courses.

  1. Accounting - 54.4

  2. Computer Science - 53.9

  3. Finance - 50.6

  4. Business Administration/Management - 47.8

  5. Mechanical Engineering - 46.1

  6. Information Sciences and Systems - 41.7

  7. Management Information Systems - 40.6

  8. Electrical Engineering - 39.4

  9. Logistics/Supply Chain - 37.2

  10. Economics and Marketing tied for the tenth place with 35.6

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