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Ubiquity University: A New Take On Education


There is a paradigm shift happening in the workforce today and it’s affecting how education is being reestablished and redeveloped for the coming generations. Now, colleges are moving towards digitalization and creating a global classroom that incorporates technology with learning.

There have been reports about companies such as Penguin Random House that has removed degree requirements from its job application process. This is part of the company's efforts to focus on organizational diversity and the widening of its demographic and geographic net.

According to The Huffington Post, Ernst & Young has also announced that it will be removing degree classification from its entry criteria. The company, which is one of U.K.'s biggest graduate recruiters, said that there is no relationship between success at university to being able to achieve later in life.

It was previously reported that students of this generation can adapt better to online education. Enrolling in an online college could also provide students with experience and education at the same time.

Ubiquity University is one of the leading global education and technology platforms which aims to make education more relevant in today's modern workplace. The organization wants their students to be prepared with the technical and soft skills needed before joining the workforce.

The university has three areas for its core competencies: Knowledge Content, Personal Qualities and Action in the World. Knowledge Content pertains to the things that students need to study. Personal Qualities are the dimensions of the students' personalities that they need to work on. Action in the World teaches them how to engage the world.

A course at Ubiquity University is composed of 40-45 hours of student engagement with content curated by the faculty that is divided between studying learning resources, self-mastery, facilitated group discussions, peer review and assessments. It also includes 80-90 hours of self-directed study and other activities such as creative assignments, collaboration missions, research and study.

Moreover, the university, founded by Jim Garrison, also offers cost-effective tuition which helps students get good education without the fear of accumulating a massive student loan debt.

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