Job Hunt Tips: Maximize Your LinkedIn Account To Your Advantage


Back when LinkedIn launched in 2003, it offered a unique and convenient way of professionals to widen their networks. Over the years, it has helped employers find employees that are a great match for their companies.

The professional social networking site is also a great tool for fresh college graduates. Creating a LinkedIn profile is much more than just putting up your work details online. The Mentat shared six ways to maximize your account to your professional advantage.

1. Your tagline is important. Creating an interesting and accurate tagline would help your LinkedIn profile make a good impression on recruiters and hiring managers. It would also help you become easily remembered and recollected. It's best to include keywords that truly describe you as a professional. It is also important that your tagline gives insight to your work and skills.

2. Your profile photo should be professional. To make an even more lasting and favorable impression on potential employers, a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile is a must. As much as possible, don't use selfies or group photos for your account. Generally, it is advised to keep it simple and upload a photo of yourself in front of a plain, neutral background.

3. Highlight your skills. Drawing the focus on your industry-specific skills is important, especially for those in technical fields. Soft skills, on the other hand, would help the recruiters or hiring managers gauge if you are a good fit for their company culture. It would also show how your management style.

4. Keep it balanced. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a social networking site, not your actual CV. Just place valuable information that will help potential employers make a connection with your content.

5. Include your passions and interest. Make use of the site's interests and volunteer sections, especially if you have personal experiences that are relevant to the job that you're applying for.

6. Secure recommendations. Ask professionals who have worked with you to give you recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. This will set you apart from other candidates as it shows your credibility since there are people who are willing to advocate for you.

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