Social Work Degree: Top 10 Colleges To Earn It

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Social work has become one of the top choices for students who want to change the world. Getting a degree in this field equips students by giving them an in-depth study of mental health, social issues as well as counseling for both individuals and groups.

According to USA Today, a social work degree will focus on public service. It will revolve around topics such as alcohol and drug addiction, behavior and social environment, child welfare, gender issues, human diversity and social welfare policy.

Students will be taught on how to deal with situations that involve substance abuse, racial inequalities, poverty and homelessness. Career paths for those with a social work degree can be in various institutions that assist the public with human rights and public service issues like the government, private and non-profit organizations.

The publication listed down 10 universities where social work degree programs are highly-ranked. These schools have low student-to-faculty ratios, high graduation rates as well as low student loan default rates.

1. University of California-Berkeley

Students who want to pursue their Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Welfare will take classes in policy, social work practice, social problems and current affairs.

2. New York University

Located in the middle of New York City, its Silver School of Social Work has undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on the development of human relations skills.

3. Rutgers University

The school requires students to maintain a 3.0 GPA to be able to stay in the social work degree program.

4. Adelphi University

Social work majors will take classes in case management, psychology, social issues, social welfare and human behavior.

5. Fordham University

Here, students will have classes that will help enhance their communication skills as well as have the opportunity to practice working with others.

6. University of Texas-Austin

Its School of Social Work is focused on developing leaders that will help others improve their lives.

7. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Faculty members of this school have come up with an innovative curriculum that combines theory, research and practice.

8. University of New Hampshire

The school's social work program is a mix of coursework and practical experience through senior internship to prepare students for careers in the field.

9. Loyola University

Loyola University has a curriculum with a strong liberal arts base and opportunities for majors.

10. University of Georgia

Its Council on Social Work Education accredited program prepares students for general social work careers.

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