'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 2 Spoilers: The CW's Legends of Tomorrow Adds Another Hero to Its 'Justice Society' [VIDEO]


The season finale of The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" left a lot of question unanswered, and more speculations followed that vagueness of the entire season. Considering that the reception of the first season was lukewarm to mixed, they may have redeemed themselvesn by opening the doors of the show to a much more bigger universe. Fans may finally see "Legends of Tomorrow" embraces the full potential of the fantastical elements of their show and give fans what they have been craving for the entire first season - direction.

Season 2 of "Legends of Tomorrow" is now in production, and there are some aspects of the upcoming season that the season 1 finale has already touched upon. It has already been established that their mission has ended but the events that occured during their mission urged them to embark on a new one. A new addition to the roster has ben revealed in the for of Rex Tyler AKA Hourman, who warns them that if they embark on their new mission, they will all die. This knowledge was given to him by the criminal turned legend Mick Rory AKA Heatwave, and that Rory was the one who sent him back in time to warn the rest of the Wave Rider about their impending deaths. There is also the exciting reveal of the existense of the "Justice Society of America."

While that much of the plot was given, there are other things that have yet to be unveiled. In a report by Den of Geek, the "Justice Society of America" will delved more in the upcoming season, while the time travel aspects of the show will still be present.

With a high profile team such as the JSA, fans could expect appearances from several new heroes from the team, and with it, new villains that can contend with the powerhouse roster that they have at the moment. According to CinemaBlend, Hourman has already been established to join the Wave Rider crew, and there has already been announcements regarding the involvement of actor Nick Zano playing the role of Nate Heywood AKA Citizen Steel. Others that were revealed are Obsidian who was known to be the original Green Lantern's son, Alan Scott, Star Girl, and Docto Mid-Nite. The new Vixen will also join the crew and will be introduced as a 1940's version of the character.

Season 2 of "Legends of Tomorrow" travels back to the small screen on October 13.

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