'Gotham' Season 3 Spoilers: Gotham Showrunner Want to Introduce "Forerunner of Harley Quinn" [VIDEO]


People thought that critics and audiences were greatly divided with "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," then came "Suicide Squad." Although there are some debates regarding the state of Suicide Squad, the positives include everyone's favorite crazy, Harleen Quinzel AKA "Harley Quinn."

Since Harley Quinn is all the rage now, it would only be logical that certain media would love to adapt her. In a report by Hollywood Reporter, executive produer for FOX's "Gotham," John Stephens seems to be interested in introducing the origin story of Harley Quinn. At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Stephens revealed that he was interested in creating an origin story for The Joker's flame.

Stephens also stated that because there are certain characters that have been featured in the latest DC/Warner Bros. film outing, Suicide Squad, they won't be featuring them in Gotham, at least for the upcoming season. Instead, fans of the show will get proto-versions of the character, much like what the villain Jerome Valeska, who is portrayed by actor Cameron Monaghan, has accomplished for the character of The Joker. This was well-received by fans of te show and has laid groundwork on a probablity that fans may actually find hints of The Joker existing in the show.

In a report by TV Line, showrunner Stephens also spoke of the return of "The cult of the Joker," and how it will be more involved in season 3, and that there will also be bigger plans for Jerome when season 4 comes along.

Also, Stephens adds that season 3 of Gotham will look more into the escaped "monsters" that have taken refuge in the city. The former residents of Arkham Asylum will be weaved much more tightly into the storyline of the upcoming season. He also stated that Gotham is turning less and less of a cop show than it had started out with and that the course that they took to get to season 3 is a natural one.

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