Trinidad James Just A Lil’ Thick Is Also Thick With Higher Education, Artist Has Harvard Degree?


Trinidad James made his mark in the music industry with "All Gold Everything." It topped the US Billboard 100 at number 40.

But before he became famous, you should know that he has a secret. According to Sioux City Journal, the rapper has a Harvard doctorate degree.

His gold tooth is not the only thing that should surprise you. He is said to have earned degrees from Harvard and Stanford, too. This Trinidadian-born American rapper settled in Bronx, New York. The neighborhood itself is a pot of music. But his first love was basketball. In eighth grade he began playing basketball. It was not until 2011 when he started rapping. He notes that Jay-Z, T.I., Young Jeezy and Cam'ron were his main influences.

"In Atlanta, you have to make your name for yourself. It started with me figuring out what was my niche," says James. According to Complex, the rapper went into business selling things. "My life has been based around hustle. Elementary school I was hustling Dragon Ball Z pictures and Hot Wheels cars," explains James. In middle school he sold Pokemon cards. In high school, he sold throw back jerseys and CDs. "I just made a name for myself. I done hustled everything. We won't get into details about it, but I hustled everything. High school for me was just one big hustle," he added.

At the same time, Trinidad James graduated in May 2011 with an MBA from Harvard and then moved to get his doctorate from Stanford. According to an unedited page from Wiki, he was able to focus on his musical career after securing a job in his field of interest. However, the information no longer exists.

It is unclear if his Harvard degree and Stanford degree are authentic but when the news broke out that he had achieved higher education, people likely felt, "If Trinidad James could go to Harvard or Stanford, so can I!" Still, anything is possible.

Trinidad James, also known as Nicholas Williams, signed on with Def Jam Recordings in 2012. But he was dropped from the label in 2014 after not being able to release an album.

Currently, he continues to release music as an independent artist.

Looking to sink into some Trinidad James tunes? Watch his music video below - "Just A Lil Thick":

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