Disadvantaged University Students Rate Decreased This Fall, First Time Ever

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Many students still aim to get a higher education even though the tuition rates continue to increase. Some are holding on to the short end of the stick because of the need for student loans and maintenance grants.

However, a recent study indicated that the percentage of young, disadvantaged students attending university and colleges this year have fallen for the first time ever. Independent has it that 22% of 19 year old kids who have been claiming free school meals since the age of 15 years old went to universities. This happened during 2013 and 2014. Last year, the rate was 23%. There was a one percent decrease.

On record, since 2005-2006, the number of disadvantaged students in the UK heading off to higher education has risen. It started from 13% and increased thereafter. According to data, the percentage of disadvantaged students not eligible for free school meals fell during the 2013 and 2014 academic year. The rate decreased from 40% to 39%. However, it is still above the 33% low that has been recorded back in 2006.

But this does not jive with the government's numbers which showed the number of young, poor students. Currently, the number is described to be at a "record high."

"We are seeing record numbers of disadvantaged young people going to university and benefiting from the real opportunities our world-class universities can offer," says Universities Minister, Jo Johnson.

No matter the struggle, Johnson promises that they will not stop until every youth has the chance to get a promised higher education.

"There is still more work to do to build a society that works for everyone," says Pam Tatlow, chief executive of university think-tank MillionPlus. Despite the decrease in number, there is an upward trend in the progression of these and other students.

Talking about school meals, watch this video of parents trying out school lunches:

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