Batman Star Ben Affleck Received Honorary Doctorate Degree For Work In The Arts


There is one way to earn a doctorate degree these days. Lucky are those celebrities who received doctorate degrees with out even stepping inside a classroom.

For some celebrities like Batman's Ben Affleck, he was able to get a higher education degree for being honored due to his accomplishments in acting. The tenured actor, according to Business Insider, was honored for his work in the arts.

Affleck, who is an American actor and filmmaker, started out as a child actor in PBS. Later on, he moved on to bigger films and eventually earned his name. He gained fame for his work in "Good Will Hunting." But he started out as a high school student in Cambridge Rindge and Latin with Matt Damon. Later on, he was accepted by the University of Virginia but did not take that route. He moved to Los Angeles and took Middle Eastern affairs at Occidental College. In the end, he dropped out when a creative writing professor ridiculed an early draft of the "Good Will Hunting" screenplay.

So he started out in child acting and wrote "Good Will Hunting." Moving forward in his career, he took the role of a leading man in many films. But it was in 2003 that his career took a downward spiral because of "Gigli." In 2006, his career picked up as a director for "Gone Baby Gone."

In 2013, the Academy Award winner was honored by Brown University. He was given the honor of a Doctorate Degree of Fine Arts during the 2013 commencement. It was his work for "Argo" that earned him the appreciation. He starred in "Argo" and directed the movie too.

Now, he is known for his role as Batman in the recent "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie. He is set to make his own stand-alone film as "Batman" and joins the "Justice League" in the next few years under DC.

His way of giving back? Check out this video of Affleck surprising fans:

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