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Rio Olympic 2016 Men’s Basketball Serbia vs. Australia LIVE STREAM Free: The Competition Gets Tighter By The Moment! [WATCH]


Witness the best Rio Olympic 2016 Men's Basketball matchup between Serbia and Australia. As the competition gets tighter by the moment, enjoy the broadcasts through MSNBC, NBC sports apps and

The two teams both from majestic countries in the world will be fighting for the silver medal today with tough drives from previous separate matches. Today, Monday, August 8, 2016 will be a defining moment for Serbia and Australia as it will peaks all excitements evidence by questions, "Who will exhaust the court", "Who will wear the silver medal", "Who will own the court", etc.

As per record, Australis has had a tough time regaining its pride after appearing as juniors from a bunch of senior French talents. The odds of a leveled game were recorded to be too great a knowing.

At one end, Serbia thanks its MVPs Milos Tedosic and Miroslav Raduljica for paving the way to sure high hopes during the opener. Today, with the addition of Bogdan Bogdanovic, the sly team has been predicted to toughen up things with the Aussies Boomers, Fansided reported.

However, as per streamlined report on the Group A game just 1 hour ago, the Boomers shifted weight and surprisingly topped Group A as it brushed off against Serbia in a 95-80.

In an on and off encounter, the Aussie Boomers are slowing out again by 7 early in the second half behind Serbia. But, Serbia is holding it off yet as the results are too far from the final figures and that the Boomers are responding with a "rediscovered rhythm", FIBA reported.

Finally, in the fourth quarter, the Aussie Boomers had sure knotted the game at 52-52. Now that is what we call as getting tighter by the moment...

Watch out as the thrill continues!

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