Williams Upset With Sports Performance Result: First Fail At Olympics Ever? [VIDEO]


Venus Williams is upset as she strikes out with a poor Tennis sports performance result. For the first time in 5 Olympic tournament records, Williams admits loss due to being ill.

What was most intense during the first round of the Women's Tennis sports face-off was not Venus Williams' averted win. Instead, what stole the show was the priceless reaction of William's opponent, Kristen Flipkens when Williams lost the forehand strike.

Flipkens immediately went to her knees to plant a kiss on the court when buzzer sounded off on William's loss. That was just the first round but the celebration rung out with such power.

Flipkens, a Belgian Tennis sports ranker, was right to be overjoyed because Venus Williams remains an undefeated player for 5 consecutive Olympic single tournaments until now. In the opposite side, Williams admits being caught off guard with Flipken's air-cutting determination and her drooping sightline due to being sick, the Guardian reported.

For the record, Venus and her sister were goddesses, owning gold medals since 2000, 2008 and 2012. This year however, was a tough one specifically for both, BBC reported.

However, Venus is yet to taste the strong bitterness of fate when she and Selena lost a straight double match sets to Czech Republic's, Safarova and Strycova for a 93-minute face-off. Summing it all up- Venus would be recalling sharp stuns from Flipkens and Safarova for this year's Rio Olympics.

Much upset and frustrated yells were expected from Venus especially since Serena, her own sister has been holding off better than her in Sunday with a 6-4, 6-2 victory against Gavrilova. But nonetheless, Serena shares the same fate with her sister the first time in years, Daily Mail reported.

In bigger sense, U.S.A's tennis team generally experiences the same exhaustion with those of the sisters, having kept up with a dramatic 2-5 drop by its 8 singles payers. There is no denying that the problem everyone is experiencing therein a common indication of fatigue in synergy, the Guardian again reported.

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