U.S.A. Men's Basketball Team Definitely Owns The Rio 2016 Sports Olympics' Court Over China! [VIDEO]


U.S.A. Men's Basketball team definitely owns the Rio 2016 Sports Olympics court. After the quick lead by China of 2-0, the U.S.A. team rebounded with 119-62 gleaming points, and a possible gold medal.

Credits for the big shots go to Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, DeMarcus and the rest of the dedicated players. Despite the missed first 5 shots, DeMarcus immediately regained their position with his lightning-strike of 2 free throws.

Such action tipped the scale into their favor, granted them a 9-2 run and kept them above ground. This particular event, as experts say, prompted the crowning glory of the U.S.A. over China in the Rio Olympic 2016 sports court, NBC Olympics reported.

The Mike Krzyzewski-coached team in Group A had since been noted by fans and middle audiences to have improved from their past performances to a standard chemistry. The team, led by Durant for an outfit with prompt 6 assists and 2 steals in, gives more than what is asked from them.

It was an unexpected twist for everyone in the court since the crowd had rallied over China as the main setter in the preliminaries with an early 2-0 lead. But, Durant and DeMarcus cousins kicked in the court and showed the audiences who really owned it.

Moreover, they are now seen in perfectly synched energies and prowess. And as a result, the team earned the 10-14 shooting advantage, Yahoo reported.

Directly countering NBAs talents is so far the only agile top head in China, Yi Janlian. Yi has had quite a number of records, holding sixth position in the guards in 2007.

Albeit his famed guarding prowess, his team could no longer keep up with the 15 first half turnovers against the U.S. Nevertheless, China's performance is still noted as one of the highlights in Rio Olympics this year.

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