First American Gold Medal Winner For Rio 2016 Olympic Air Rifle Women’s Finals, Virginia Thrasher Speaks: Gun Controversies Are Distracting! [VIDEO]


19-year old Virginia "Ginny" Thrasher talks about gun control law controversies in the U.S. during an interview in USA Today following her first gold medal win for Rio 2016 Olympic air rifle women's finals victory. She says to USA Today that gun laws are distracting her from her sport-oriented gun aims.

With a loud bang, Thrasher scored 208.0 in the 10-meter air rifle competition, Saturday August 6, 2016, earning her a gold medal on the spot. Despite being pursued closely by Chinese shooter, Du Li, Thrasher kept her ground and never did let any slight chance pass her, putting her up in the pedestal with close calls 1.3 points against Du Li, Team USA reported.

There has to be some sense of a mental management for you to be able to focus deeply on what you are doing. Distracting thoughts will definitely be coming and so one must compose one's mind very well, Thrasher said to Team USA.

On such notice, Thrasher admits being heavily pressured to speak about the troubling gun law controversy in America as it has seriously troubled and distracted her concentration in the said sports ordeal. Fortunately for her, she stood her ground, aimed well and gripped the gun tight for a gold medal.

More so, instead of being entirely proud of her victory, especially since she holds the record for being the first US shooter to win gold medal, not to mention that she is currently the youngest, she tends to hold back from time to time due to the fiery controversies back home, Hollywood Reporter reported.

Meanwhile, Thrasher's teammate, Kim Rhode recalled being dipped in US gun rights-related trouble earlier when her training was eventually affected by arduous background checking procedures, further inconveniencing her from buying directly buying ammunitions for practice. On a last note, Thrasher extends her victory to the rest of her countrymen with the hopes that the controversies would come to an eventual conclusion, USA Today reported.

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