University: What Is It For And What It Has Become


Universities exist mainly for the purpose of bringing students from where they are now to where they ought to be. It is mainly filling in the gap from potential to mastery. Is this still how students' see their colleges?

A college could be the last stage towards a person's journey to be equipped and ready for the professional life ahead. Having waited years for this season, they spend their energy and resources to finally make it and be able to get the credentials they need in order to get the job they desire.

All across the United States, numerous colleges can be found and the undeniable increase in the number of enrollees in some of them is highly visible.This progress and improvement are expected to continue in the years to come as the government is now focusing more on the strengthening of the K-12 education. This means less amount of dropouts and increasing the amount of students entering colleges in the future.

However, the risk of being irrelevant is closely awaiting most universities today. The speedy progress in the development of technology leaves the traditional colleges with two options; to upgrade or to preserve.The stability of status that these universities have been leaning upon is now being tested on its foundation. With the rising of more online colleges some organized by top professors from across the globe, the competition gets tighter and tougher, The Huffington Post reported.

Colleges now have to think of ways to disseminate information in such a way that they are not bound by the conservative approach of the past. The "you sit I teach" approach is obsolete and discussions with more student interaction are vital.

The truth is, the student of the present age are learning at such a speed that if educators will not update and upgrade they will end up providing the credential but not enhancing the potential and harnessing their skills that will be their strongest weapon in life, The Guardian reported.

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