Are Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton The Answer To The Preservation Of Education?


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were recently selected as Presidential nominees by the Democratic and Republican leaders.Both of the candidates have been mentioning promises for education specifically k-20 as part of their platforms and programs. However, as of this moment, no concrete plans about these promises were laid down and made known to the public.

There are certain points that Trump and Clinton need to consider in making their promises for the US education concrete.To truly make it to what the United States education system needs, Clinton and Trump must focus and be able to come up with concrete solutions to certain educational concerns that the Education Department is presently working on.

Literacy is one of the major concerns of the education department as per the assessment is done by the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies on problem-solving in technology-rich environments measure, Americans fell on the last spot. They, however, managed to make it in the 15th place out of the 22 nations on the assessment of the numeracy skills. Both results mean unsatisfactory standing for the quality of education the Americans students is receiving.

Clinton and Trump must also work on using the entrepreneurial approach in upgrading the education structure of the country. They must remove the bureaucratic mentality wherein opportunity is considered as a problem, therefore, resulting in an unwise decision that compromises the benefit that is due for the learners and the educators as well, The US News reported.

The growing gap between the academic achievers and the poor performers must be another big concern to focus on for both Trump and Clinton. Their curriculum exit visibly shows how well they perform in their academics thereby creating a form of silent discrimination. The next president is expected to create an agenda that will equalize the opportunities for both the excellent and average performers through a plan which opens an opportunity for all, Education Week reported.

Watch this video for more of the US education system status.

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