Successful Celebrities Without High School Or College Degrees


At an early age, most of us were taught that getting a higher education is the key to success. However, not many can afford to do so or have the means and resources to get basic or higher education.

That did not stop some people from gaining success. Some celebrities that are high profile and well known did manage to get their education before making and hitting it big. But there are those who did not go to high school or college and still made it.

Some actors and actresses, singers and artists, and even some business moguls were able to pursue their dreams without a high school or college degree. To name a few, Sioux City Journal managed to compile the following successful celebrities without a high school or college diploma.

1. Brad Pitt - Pitt was two weeks away from graduating from University of Missouri when he figured out that film life was his calling. He dropped out before graduation day and moved to L.A.

2. Steve Jobs - This CEO founded Apple and he did not complete college. Jobs dropped out of Reed College and eventually founded Apple.

3. Lady Gaga - She dropped out of New York University after one year to pursue her singing career. She signed on to Interscope records at just 20 years old.

4. Jim Carrey - The comedic actor dropped out of high school at 16 years old. He needed to find a way to help his sick mom. He started working the comedy route in Toronto before getting his first on-screen gig at 18 years old.

5. Oprah - The TV show host dropped out of Tennessee State University. She only had one credit missing but she wanted to pursue a career in broadcasting. However, she was able to complete her degree in 1986 - 10 years later.

These celebrities, although having not completed their degrees, have the talent, skill and wit to pursue their dreams. Not to say that higher education is unnecessary but it can be helpful.

Learn more about Steve Job's career profile and how he changed the world, in the video below:

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