Olympic 2016 Basketball LIVE STREAM Free: U.S.A. Basketball, Begins To Own The Court! [VIDEO]


Team U.S.A. is beginning to own the Rio Court now! Live stream reveals a strong favor on the team's solid campaigns over coming to Rio. Taking with the team its previous victories in London and Beijing, the U.S. players believe to have been pumped up by the anticipation of tight competitions in the Rio court. China, on the other side, can be noted to build up on its dribbles and shoots, taking the U.S. by surprise.

One player takes control of the situation and as seen in the live stream, that one player signals a teammate to do the same. U.S.A. now begins to take China seriously. The completion tightens fully at each moment, Yibada reported.

Previously, the whole U.S.A team has been getting the luxury treatment lately. The players, particularly the men, were paid handsomely for starters. The women players are got the best of the Rio accommodation, they recall in the New York Times.

Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Bolt and Diana Taurasi of the women's league are among the high-profile players treated with the Rio luxury. They were even more embellished with a more-than-satisfying cruise ship stay. These MVPs were right to be treated like gods for it is these same godly figures that will be tagging the fast end of the rope to imminent victory in the semi-finals, the New York Times again reported.

Experts' predictions on the victory aren't yet spat out for the game is still heating up at the moment. As per update on the Basketball game underway today, August 7, 2016, Sunday- Australia holds 87 points ahead of France which has only 66 in Group A. Experts are not so worried about Australia-France gap since the two are almost in close call.

However, in the case of U.S. vs. China also taking place within Group A, a high difference between U.S. with 119 points and China only 62 began to treat audiences to a tight thrill. While both bothering and pleasing the divided audiences, the last buzzer sounded off. The last game in Group A for today will be Venezuela vs. Serbia, scheduled at 6:30 later this afternoon, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Will team U.S.A. finally own the court for Rio 2016 Olympics? Watch out live.

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