Peaty’s Rio Olympic 2016 Swimming Feat Breaks Own World Record, Recalls Being Once Afraid Of The Water! [VIDEO]


A renowned 21-year old British swimmer, Adam Peaty breaks his own world record when he completed the 100 meter breaststroke in clock's tick of 57.55 seconds. Once again, he owns the Rio Olympic 2016 and the world too as he not only surpassed his feat, but also conquered his once accounted fear of the water.

Peaty ranks in the list of the most favorite players for the gold medal this year. Although it's going to be too early to pronounce names, Peaty's achievement is one major break.

Peaty received loud roars echoing across the corners of the Olympic Aquatics Stadium from sensing crowds. Right at the moment he hit fastest reaction time of 0.55 seconds, which stands as the fastest during that period in the afternoon, the crowd were already amazed. Peaty even took the home honor over his compatriot Ross Murdoch, the Telegraph reported.

Most interestingly, it is very worthy to note Peaty's reported fear of the water in the past. He admits to recall in a particular interview that growing up in Uttoxeter, the 21-year old "king of the pool" from UK had a very strange fear of water. He mentions that his mom would run around frantic over hearing his heartbreaking cries when put in a bathtub for a very mundane bath time.

For years now, Peaty has represented team GB over countless swim-offs in UK. And now, with already-established pride in the pool, Peaty is considered to be the second British male ever, next to Adrian Moorhouse, to give the most notable contribution to the world's Olympic pool, Daily Mail reported.

During the entire span of Peaty's breaststroke swim, he can clearly revisit how he felt the surge of power increasing his speed over each moment. From the moment he has gone down the first 50 meter line, he was already aware that he was going fast.

The audiences were cheering very loudly up until he obtained his target record. Peaty and the rest of the fans are dearly hoping for an even faster swim in the semi-finals, BBC reported.

The semi-finals are set to ensue tonight, BBC again reported.

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