Why Women Are Stress at Work: Bio-Tracker To Predict Stress Levels?[VIDEO]


A new study suggests that women usually feel more stress than men at work. The reason could be the existing stereotype that women perform poorly than men on the given tasks such as presentation, negotiation, test, and competing projects.

Due to this kind of stereotype, some women may fail to perform up to her ability according to HBR. A classic experiment lets the women take a math exam, and these women were reminded about this traditional stereotype-the result, they did not perform well in math like men. There is also a study that suggests that the traditional stereotype affects women in playing chess and even in driving.

According to the source, women are not the only group that experiencing stereotype threat. Based on the documents gathered by researchers, African-Americans, Latinos, and people belong from low socioeconomic backgrounds are also experiencing this threat.

Talking about stress, there is a tracker that can predict anxiety and stress, and measures stress, which may help you manage stress. Bellabeat, a company that produces some products that will help women track their health, is the creator of this bio-tracker.

How LeafUrban works?

LeafUrban is a bio-tracker or health and fitness tracker created for women, which may come in silver or rose gold, in an abstract leaf design. It can be worn as an accessory every day- you can wrap-around bracelet, necklace or brooch. The bio-tracker helps women track their stress levels and anxiety, according to PSFK.

You will enjoy more features of LeafUrban with the help of smartphone app. A standard LeafUrban bio-tracker common features are, counting the steps you walked, distance you covered, and the number of calories you burned. It can also track sleep patterns. Women can also use this bio-tracker to keep them track of their periods-it will alert or notify you if you have PMS. Since it can track PMS, it can also notify you about fertility cycles.

It can also track breathing patterns. Using the bio-data it gathered, it can predict stress levels. It may advise you a walk or an in-app meditation.

LeafUrban silver models cost $119, and its rose gold cost $129.

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