Trump University Academic Controversy: Evidence On Video? [VIDEO]


Trump University currently faces hard-bounded controversies and allegations from academic critics of the Republican nominee. The biggest evidence, where fingers are now pointing to is found in Trump's allaged video testimony which Judge Gonzalo Curiel is preventing release of.

Republican candidate Donald Trump is now swimming in controversies and allegations over Trump University's alleged fraudulent operations. The whole point of the shenanigans is summed up by the impending Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) investigations earmarked for the said university.

All legal musings strongly suggest that the university is part of a bigger racketeering scheme. Immediately, Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel orders Trump to stand trial and denies Trump's motion for summary judgment in the Cohen vs. Trump case, US Uncut reported.

Now, the media, suddenly growing tired of Trump's paper transcripts of deposition, starts to shift its focus towards a stronger evidence source- a video footage. To the delight of the Republican nominee's critics, a surge of news agents bid on the release of the video footage believed to contain Trump's full-day testimony dated January 21 in Las Vegas law office, plus other actual evidences of corruption spoken directly from the horse's mouth. To everyone's surprise, Judge Gonzalo Curiel prevents the release.

He insists in an interview that although the video could promise a strong point against Trump, it still cannot outweigh the equal threat media frenzy could expose the case into. On a legal lens, it would prove difficult for the court to seat an impartial judge when premature evidences get out of hand, the Guardian reported.

What Curiel looks at about in his watch is the right time Trump could stand trial. Fortunately, it has already been scheduled. The long days before November would prove a grace period for Curiel, the other distraught attorneys, the frantic media and the agitated critics to gather sufficient force necessary for taking down the alleged fraudulent foundations of the Trump University, another Guardian news reported.

For the meantime, critics may want to feed on the overrated evidences and the overtly blunt for-profit pedagogy Trump U is imparting to students which aims no more than to exploit the disabled people for profit, Mother Jones stated.

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