K-12 Public Education System, Revisited: Towards Academic Perfection? [VIDEO]


Academics revisit the K-12 public education system roadmap and discover how much it has improved to perfection through the years! Never forgetting the overbearing public education mishaps, underperformances and other downsides, it still is exhilarating to call forth the little heroic deeds academic agents selflessly pursued for the realization of the program's vision.

Without necessarily overemphasizing it, the number of graduates in the latter decades is dramatically higher than the former decades, Huffington Post reported.

Both private and public academics have reportedly noticed how, despite being slow, the K-12 public education program has provided accessible education to many kids in the U.S.

Despite the perennial issues on cut public education budgets and it being at the mercy of for-profit schools, the public education format had surprisingly trod a path that would have proven to be difficult had it been ventured say, a few years ago, Fox News reported.

What makes the grand plans of the public education system to become a scandalous move is not its inner working, but rather the political framework keeping it abreast.

If only more political-academics would be lifting loads out of the system's way and freely support Pres. Obama's STEM plans, the K-12 public education's milestone would have been accomplished sooner, Fox News again reported.

The best means to counter these issues is to look within the very basic requirements of a quality education. And, these needs happen to be piloted by no less than quality teaching per se, Reason reported.

The government's overspending on public education turns out to be as useless as budget cutting without the constant experimentation on its curricula and pedagogies.The best way to raise the test score bars is to raise the bars hands-on, news personality and academic Juan Williams noted in WSJ.

Money is often said to be insufficient inasmuch as it is a mere agent of education. 

Academics insist that teacher support should always be a main priority, WSJ again reported.  

Like the few public education agents that ushered the transition of the younger students, especially the minorities, towards college, the K-12 public education roadmap can only be elevated and liberated to perform with utmost quality when it is finally detached from the denigrating clasp of the political hands, academic Jeff Henig of Columbia University stated in Education Week.

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