'The Flash' Season 3 News: Grant Gustin Hints Of Flashpoint End Before Season 3 Finale


The CW seems to be all too confident about letting their leads talk about major TV show plot points. Based from a report by Collider, Grant Gustin has stated some tidbits about "The Flash" Season 3 Flashpoint plotline that could prove to be spoilers. Gustin said that the coming story arc will be an entirely different world. Due to the major change that Barry has done to the timeline, characters personalities and present state have been changed.

Based from the trailer that was shown to fans in Hall H at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, there will be major changes, albeit some humorous such as with the changes with Cisco Ramon. The major plot point of Season 3 was never a huge secret, but the lingering question among fans is will Flashpoint last for the entire season.

Director Kevin Smith revealed that Gustin said that Flashpoint will not last for the entire season, although there will still be consequences. Fans have been vocal about the way that Flash does "villain of the week," and unlike Season 1, the conclusion of Season 2 was not on a high note. Some are not satisfied with how the Zoom storyline was resolved.

Another one of Gustin's statement hints at lasting effects after the Flashpoint arc has been resolved. Gustin also touched upon the issue what made Barry decide to go back in time to save his mother, with the knowledge that it also risks his current favorable relationship with Iris West. Gustin tells of how Barry still feels empty inside, even after defeating Zoom. He feels that he is responsible for the death of his parents, both at the hands of two speedsters, and that they deserve a chance to live, and Barry felt the need to give them that chance.

Comic Book Resources reports that there are still some speculations running around because of this statement. One of which is with Flashpoint ending before the season finale, fans may get to experience the death of Barry's parents, again. There is the possibility that things may go back to the way they were, with some minor iteration, but will the correction be fair to Barry Allen? And will the minor changes make a significant impact within the remaining episodes of the season and in future seasons?

Fans may get some answer really soon with The CW's The Flash coming back on October 4th for its third season.

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