'Lucifer Season 2' Spoilers and News: Comic Con Trailer Shows "Mom" and Maze's Return


Amidst all the protest against the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Lucifer on the grounds of morality, it seems that Lucifer's season one was good enough to warrant a second season. At the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, a new teaser trailer for Lucifer's second season debuted, and the trailer confirmed Maze's return, and also implies that she may be the reason why Lucifer's mother escaped hell.

Movie News Guide reports that the trailer also showed fans a glimpse of Charlotte Richards or "Mom," who is going to be played by Tricia Helfer. The scene involves Lucifer being face to face with her mother, who as his action implies, he fears more than anything he went up against over the course of the series.

There are multiple scenes from episodes in season one riddled all over the teaser trailer, including Lucifer's first meeting with Detective Chloe Decker, who is played by actress Lauren German, along with scenes from their many adventures as a crime-fighting duo. The teaser trailer also delves into the fact that Lucifer's immortality has become an enigma; there were times when he was immortal, and then there were instances when he was not.

The real kicker for the trailer was Maze, who was more than present in the teaser. Having the Lucifer and Amenadiel discuss whether Maze hand a hand in their mother's escape from hell, with Lucifer pointing out that Maze can be a duplicitous demon capable of doing anything, which seems to point that Maze will have a major part to play in season two. There are glimpses a tied-up man and hanging from a rope being interrogated by Maze.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Lucifer series creator Joe Henderson gave some incite on Charlotte's role in the upcoming season, saying that her confrontation with Lucifer will be "explosive," and that a possible physical confrontation may be expected.

With regards to the relationship of the brothers, season 1 left us with Lucifer and Amenadiel setting aside their differences, at least for the moment. Can we expect them to reconcile for good in season 2, now that they are both in fear of their mother?

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