'The Flash’ Season 3' Spoilers. Arrow may be affected by Flashpoint [VIDEO]


There has been a statement made by Arrow lead actor, In a report by io9 Gizmodo, Stephen Amell that the events of Flashpoint may or may not affect the citizens of Star City, which has been quite vague to fans, especially that there is knowledge that a 3-part crossover of all the CW DC shows will happen in their upcoming season.

Since the season finale of The CW's, The Flash was witness by fans, there is a lingering question of how far can Berlanti and his team can go with an arc this impactful. Fans have been speculating the possibilities for all the DC TV series because of this event. And with the inclusion of Supergirl in the DC TV-verse, they can simply go nuts with the possibilities. Fans have a lot of questions like this, but thanks to San Diego Comic Con, fans may have some idea of what to expect.

Among all the DC TV Series, Arrow started out to be more grounded. With in introduction of the other DC show, fantastical elements were introduced to Arrow. So will Barry travelling back in time to save his mother affect the rest of the DC TV-verse? according to iDigital Times, Todd Helbing, the Executive Producer for Legends of Tomorrow said that Flashpoint will not critically affect the show arc because the Wave Rider crew are travelling through time on their own mission. It will be like they are on their very own timeline.

Helbing continued by stating that Flashpoint will create ripples throughout the universe, and create differences. One of the difference involves, the Green Arrows best friend, John Diggle. David Ramsey, who plays Diggle in CW's Arrow said that his character would be affected by Flashpoint to some degree. There would be an effect on his family which will be very personal.
Another huge question asked by fans is, will we see the Legion of Doom be formed, and how? It is still unclear how Captain Cold will be brought back to the universe, and how Malcolm Merlyn fits in to this equation. Will Malcolm meet the Reverse Flash.

Over the past days, images of Wally West as Kid Flash were unveiled, and their Comic Con trailer shows that he will be going up against a speedster dressed in Black, which fans speculate could be the Black Racer.

Season 5 of The CW's Arrow returns on October 5, 2017.

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