'The Magicians' Season 2 First Scenes and Spoilers [VIDEO]


SyFy network's The Magicians, which was adapted from the Lev Grossman novels, has been a surprise hit. It gave audiences brilliants visuals and an environment that can compared to the world of Harry Potter, if it was set in modern times.

The story is done with smart humor, and believe it or not, reality based issues. The show has seem to have struck a chord with fans of the novels, enough to warrant it another season. So what can fans expect in Season 2 of The Magicians?

Those that have not seen the series may want to stop reading now, as the following parts will be huge spoilers. As a quick recap, season one left audiences with quite a cliffhanger. The protagonist, Quentin Coldwater has entered the world of Fillory, along with the other Brakebills students to confront The Beast, and battle their fate of impending death. It has been revealed that what the students have been experiencing is part of a time-loop caused by Eliza, who was then revealed to be Jane Chatwin. Jane has the power to turn back time, and have used this power to give Quentin and his friends multiple chances to defeat The Beast, albeit all their attempt so far ended in their deaths.

The final scene was Quentin and his friends finally confronting The Beast, which was revealed to be Jane's brother, Martin Chatwin. The Beast then injures the Brakebills students, and it was revealed that Julia stole the "Virgo Blade" from Alice and holds the knife to The Beast's throat. This left audiences with question of their survival.

Now, there have not been that much information regarding the season 2 for The Magicians, just the fact that it will come back next year. The only thing that is certain is the uncertainty of the fate of the Brakebills students, especially since they were left in such a dire state.

In an article done by Christian Times, actor Arjun Gupta who plays Penny said that season 2 will immediately start where season 1 left off. The story will focus more on Fillory.

Based from a report by EW, Quentin and his friends will be left in a distraught and injured state in the upcoming season, while Quentin is lost and wandering the dark woods and in distress. Amidst being deserted, Quentin encounters a mysterious "healer and gardening enthusiast" living in a cottage that seems familiar.

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