Why Humans Evolved With DNA-Genomes And Not RNA: Amazing Secret Uncovered By Duke University Latest Academic Research! [VIDEO]


The academic research by Hashim Al-Hashimi, a biochemist at Duke University, flips back at the older pages of Hoogsten's journal to rethink on why humans evolved with DNA-genomes and not RNA. Other level-headed scientists in the academy rather quote a phenomenon responsible for making the DNA the bread-winner of life a "weird twist".

While DNA has had its fill of fame in contemporary biology, the RNA concept retains its once-glorious reputation only in the sides as being the origin of prehistoric life.Once when the earliest organisms were yet to multiply in an alien planet, their RNA structures would help them self-replicate.Thus, mating was an unknown concept then.

But evolution jumpstarted and things swerved from left to right. Mating is now the main avenue for reproduction. And with reproduction, the DNA won the bid, owning the sole responsibility of encoding the human genetic information, the Washington Post reported.

Meanwhile, in front of a buzzing crowd of academics and regular personalities, Hashim-Al-Hashimi of Duke University presents his latest findings.Found in the journal Nature Structure and Molecular Biology are Hashimi's profound reflections on why and how humans evolved with the DNA and not the RNA.

Before the crowd could respond, Hashimi announces that by looking into the littlest details of the DNA's double helix using a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MNR), he was able to detect a unique characteristic of the DNA that is not found in the RNA- the ability to change shapes, International Business Times reported.

The secret of the DNA's victory lies on the Hoogsteen base pair, an element discovered and named by biochemist Karst Hoogsteen in the 1960s. With the help of Hoogsteen's precepts and the Watson-Crick's physical musings on the nucleic acid connection, Hashimi was able to describe the continuous shifting between the two forms in the base pairs.

Hashimi was also able to note that with such instability of the DNA's spiral staircase, one of the nucleic acids gets upturned 180 degrees, causing the entire double helix foundation to collapse.The DNA is a very dynamic entity. It can shape and reshape whenever it wants to. This characteristic is by all means, the sole cause we appear how we appear today, Hashimi stated in

Shortly however, Hashimi sealed his statement with a speculative tone. On one side, academics couldn't help but wonder what kept us from learning a secret as big as this sooner, especially when it concerns the very fundamental reality of double helix.

Moreover, a few scientists, during a secret meeting in Harvard, are now beginning to invest in the study to eventually harness the DNA's frequently labelled "weird twist" shape-shifting ability, in order to design profound synthetic human genomes in the future, another Washington Post reported.

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