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YouTube’s ‘Smarter Everyday’ Earns Spotlight: The Best Science And Tech Facts Online Channel? [VIDEO]


The latest science and technology YouTube channel entitled "Smarter Everyday: Exploring the World with Science" earns spotlight from fans and certain academic figures as one the best online education tools. Apart from the very outgoing disposition of the channel's host Destin Sandlin, the popular channel's creators wittingly make use of unlimited creativity in order to aid kids on their quest for answers.

The YouTube channel gets a nod from audiences ranging from kids to parents and even to academics, Live Science reported.

The show explores the common questions kids ask about the world.

On screen, Sandlin's bubbly and outward gestures suffice a whole surge of excitement among kids.

He spins the world of science through his creative video presentations, flipping from an animation to actual scene sequences and treating the kids with interesting how-things-work videos that include cats landing on all feet, lighting a match inside a balloon and many more, Live Science again reported.

Kids are definitely getting smarter with these genuinely created smarty channels on YouTube, the Guardian reported.

Obvious among the trending kids' channels online is the dynamic interaction it elicits from the audience. The new-age presentation technique is said to warm up science learning in a way learners never experienced before.

Apart from science and technology, the "Smarter Everyday" endorses very meaningfully Arts and Humanities, History, etc. to kids by bringing them to places they can't immediately be into.

Academics say that the internet or virtual media bring audience to faraway adventures in the comfort of their homes. Ultimately, as evidenced by the achievement, education and technology are interconnected, Hypergrid Business stated.

Host, Destin was eventually bound to please academic viewers since he was deliberately contacted by the staff and creators of the show. In the channel's site, Destin is given the honor of self-introduction from whence he states, "I'm a Husband, a Father, and a full time Engineer", Smarter Everyday posted.

There is no denying that the YouTube channel "Smarter Everyday" is an effective education tool for kids, given that it is being hosted by one of the most accomplished academics in the country, bar none.

With its currently earned spotlight of 5-8 million online views, the channel's only concerns now lie ithe steps of finally endorsing the channel in various pre-schools in the U.S., another Live Science article reported.

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