Finding College Education Money? How To Plan For Setting Money Aside


Dreaming of going to college and fulfilling your dreams is one thing but preparing for your college education can be a whole different level.

Maybe there are places you have not looked at yet? An overlooked source of cash can sometimes be found from the government. Check if you qualify for a federal student aid. If it does not work out the first time, Say Campus Life says you should continue to fill out the FAFSA form every year. If you need student loan, eventually you'll need this.

Your job can be a big help. But do not just think of the salary you are earning from your full time or part time job. Some companies offer employment benefits such as tuition assistance. Check with your company's benefits department and find out if they offer something similar.

Your parents can also help. This is not about your parents' earnings. This is about looking at the employment benefits of your parents. Like the example above, some companies offer financial assistance. The most obvious one you find at universities, where employee's children can usually attend for fifty percent off. Companies that offer a program like this may offer it to anyone who qualifies, so ask around at larger employers. Even getting a full time job at the university can get you a certain type of reduced or discounted tuition.

If you find yourself trying to look for more, Employer Scholarships are also something being offered by companies. Look at grants and matching fund programs. If you still find yourself unable to come up with the money necessary for college, do not give up! You can also go to your employer and get a work release time - it is where you keep your job but you miss a few hours for school. You can still find college education money. Loans work, and will get you through.

Get inspired by Tyrese Gibson's talk and how he pays it forward through Coca Cola below:

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