Seattle University Dean Retires After Racial Controversy in Curriculum: Students Protest Over Campus Culture


A dean has exited a Seattle University after students cried out over having a "too white" curriculum. The dean was reported to have recommended a book written by a prominent civil-rights activists. The same dean was also reported to have presided over the racially-biased curriculum.

Now, that same dean has announced her retirement plans following the students' protest. But these Seattle based students are not satisfied with the outcome. Especially when Seattle University's own president praised her.

Dean Jodi Kelly was commended for her "distinguished service" for the school. Following her announcement, Heatst indicated that the university has neglected the harm that each students, faculty, alumni and university staff have gone through. "This is not justice. As a community, we all deserve better," as stated on a social media post.

The protest was staged over a three week period. The students camped outside Dean Kelly's office. Afterwards, the dean agreed to bring in an outside consultant to assess the "campus climate" regarding the racial bias indicated in the curriculum. On the same though, Seattle University has promised to review its system after students have demanded a curriculum that focuses on "the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc." and "decentralizes whiteness."

It was also indicated that the students' intention was really to push Dean Kelly to resign. Initially, she was placed on administrative leave back in June. Now that the dean has exited Seattle University, and this time for good, students still are not satisfied with the campus culture. It was indicated that the students did not find the defense coming from Dick Gregory, the author of one of the books she recommended in her curriculum, enough for her to stay.

There is no official announcement yet regarding the change of the school's curriculum but Seattle University has promised to look into it further.

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