Free College Tuition By Democrats A Possibility? Many Question If Plan Will Work


Presidential candidates and other political rivals are stepping it up. In an effort to appeal to the masses, one concern raised was the increasing cost of education and student loan. In order to address that, the likes of Hillary Clinton and more are promising free college tuitions.

Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He and other speakers lauded Hillary Clinton's free tuition plan. But according to Time, economists, analysts and higher education experts are unsure about this plan.

Focusing on the main issue which is the rising cost of higher education, Senator Elizabeth Warren, from Massachusetts, mentioned that if elected, Clinton would ensure that all the students can go to college without the fear of student loans and educational debt. Booker supports this by saying that the United States needs to "out educate in order to out innovate."

The reason why this is being pushed to happen is because Clinton knows that this is not a gift to ease financial burdens. The focus here is that the path to higher education will lead to a bigger investment for the whole country. However, getting the bare minimum of $35 billion a year could be tight.

Presidentiable candidate Hillary Clinton wants to start with free tuition at public colleges. She will start of with low income families below the $85,000 mark and eventually increase the tiers to other income earning families until 2021.

Many say her plans are ambitious and expensive, and even her vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, said that he is doubtful about her plan. He pointed out that making all public university education free gives away "a college education to richer Americans who don't need the assistance paying for it."

While experts are butting heads regarding the feasibility and the cost, many Americans still believe that this will ease the pain point across the board.

Watch what Hillary Clinton's stand on free tuition below.

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