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‘Pokemon GO’ Tips: 10 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Started ‘Pokemon GO’ [VIDEO]


When "Pokemon GO" opened up in the US, New Zealand and Australia, many gamers never let go of the game until it has become part of their system. Experiencing the pros and cons of playing the epic augmented reality game, there are ten things they wish they have known at the beginning or even before they started "Pokemon GO"!

Here are the tips to lessen the grind in your entry to the "Pokemon GO" universe:

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 1: How To Get Pikachu As Your Starter

When you are offered with Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle as starter Pokemon, choose none of them. Yes, you can refuse them by running away. But "Pokemon GO" would not give up so one of these pets will jump them over to try and follow you. But by the fourth time you refuse them, it will figure out that you do not like any of them. Then, (Tadaa!) Pikachu will be joining the party.

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 2: A Trategy For Catching Upper Level Pokémon

Level 300+ Pokemon are tough to catch unless you are aware of few tip in the point system. No. 1, press and hold the Pokéball until the ring surrounding the Pokémon starts dwindling then reach its smallest possible circumference. Attack now as it is when they are easiest to capture. Additionally, the circle color matters. Green is fine, yellow is quite tougher and red will be the hardest. Also, turning off your camera will stabilize them at the center of your screen and make them easier to bang.

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"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 3: Un-Complicating Battles

Note: Pokémon basically has a special meter that builds up as you make an attack. You can also use filled bars to release more powerful attacks by holding down your enemy with your finger. This system is quite unruly, but these moves can hit serious damage which might independently win you fights if you really knows how to use them. 

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 4: Pokemon Egg-Walking

Remember that "Pokemon GO" tracks your movement using GPS and not via pedometer. Therefore, walking on a treadmill does not help in hatching eggs similar with riding trains, buses or cars since there is a sort of speed limitation that identifies your mobility. So be ready to walk around your place if you want those eggs to hatch or you may buy incubators to reduce the grind.

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 5: Is It Advisable To Close You App?

"Pokemon GO" will not notify you when Pokémon or PokéStops are within reach unless your "Pokemon GO" app is open. It will also not tally your steps. This could be the reason why "Pokemon GO Plus" are on sale at $35 to sound an alert when Pokémon are around.

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 6: How To Take Over A Gym

If you are wondering why cannot kick out the Gym leader even if you have beat them up already, it is because you have to lower the 'gym rep' down to zero for you to make it 'neutral'. It is only then you can station one of your Pokemon around for back up. 

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"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 7: Gym Battle Freebies

Yes there are freebies if you are able to, either, become the Gym Leader or Support by stationing Pokémon at a friendly gyms as back-up. You will receive a daily package of "Pokemon GO" goodies equivalent to significant amount of currency. However, when you have took over a gym, make sure to maintain the control of that gym for a full 24 hours.

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 8: Does Evolve Non-Primary Duplicates For XP?

For example you evolved your Meowth into a Persian but you keep finding a lot of Meowth. Then, it is advisable to save up your candy (and zero stardust) then use it to evolve them for 500 XP a pop instead. Although there is no guarantee to find such Pokemon often, still, it is way better to reserve your extra candy and which will really help with leveling later.

Bonus tip: Store up a number of these XP evolutions to couple them with a lucky egg which will get you 1000 XP for even a 12 candy Pidgey evolution.

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 9: When To Invest And When Not To

"Pokemon GO"'s leveling system is somewhat poor. Say gamers are encouraged to pacify Pokémon with expensive stardust infusions then you will learn that you can effortlessly find another higher level Pokémon which is basically waste of your resources. For example, You pumped up a 70 CP Charmander up to 120 then later on found a 140 one. A pointless investment to be exact. This aspect of the game can be really frustrating.

Serious tip: It is either you wait until you have the candy to evolve your Pokemon or until you catch their evolved form in the open. So once they reach their second to third stage, it is the appropriate time to invest. For single-stage Pokemon, it's hard to tell.

"Pokemon GO" Tip No. 10: Pokemon Tracking

Current rumors say that if you select a Pokémon from the 'nearby' list, it will slightly pulse as you get close. Others say that footprint symbols are 100 meter intervals then you have to wander around until they decrease from three to two to one. Finally, the Pokémon will be somewhere near you.

You may grab more from Paul Tassi's write up via this link. By the way, what was your first Pokemon?

View how Pokemon take over the world:


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