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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Drops Major Spoilers For Episodes 53-54; New ‘Official’ Titles Reveal Universe 10; Could Black Goku Has Kaioshin Origin? [VIDEO]


"Dragon Ball Super" known spoiler has tweeted a major revelation from which Episode 53 and Episode 54 storyline would mainly revolve. In the last couple of days, most of us thought that Episode 53's title was "Black's Identity Revealed" but it was downright different from the "official" translated-from- Japanese title. However, it do not completely sway the central plot of the "Dragon Ball Super" episode.

Twitter user Todd Blankenship (Herms98) the most trusted "Dragon Ball Super" informant named the "official" titles for the upcoming DBS Episodes. See it here below including their new airdate:

  •  "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 53: "Reveal Black's Real Identity! Now Off To The Kaioshin Realm Of Universe 10" - July 31st
  •  "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54: "Inheritor Of Saiyan Blood: Trunks' Resolve" - August 7th

Before we proceed, let it be known that there is no "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 53 showing on July 24th as University Herald previously reported.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 53: "Reveal Black's Real Identity! Now Off To The Kaioshim Realm Of Universe 10"

Basically "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 53 will revolve around Black Goku's origin. The title, however, does not state Black as a Kaioshin. Speaking of Kaioshin, if you noticed Zamasu - the green guy form the intro - might actually be a Kaioshin from Universe 10 which could mean the possibility of having different Kai realms in different universes.

Guko will eventually realize that Zamasu and Black have the same Ki. So to verify these information Beerus, the God of Destruction with his attendant Whis will accompany Goku to Universe 10. Could we expect a battle between Goku and Zamasu since the latter distrust humanity?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54: "Inheritor Of Saiyan Blood: Trunks' Resolve"

No one actually knows who is the inheritor of Saiyan blood since Gohan, Goten and Trunks inherited theirs Saiyan powers from their fathers who have Saiyan descent. If there is none among them is being referred to in this episode, could we expect an introduction of a new character of another Saiyan race in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54? Or an equivalent of Saiyans there are in Universe 10.

We are leaving the rumors and speculations from there. But if you have come up with possible storylines or long contested theories, share them with us at the comment box and let us have a "Dragon Ball Super" agora below. Or go back in our previous "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes 51 and 50 aricles.

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